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phees.server status: OFFLINE

The Condor soaring simulator is the leading implementation of physics and realism in a soaring simulation, focussing on race simulation. Convince yourself of the marvelous performance on

Thanks for all your positive reactions on my tasks and my server setting!
Unfortunatly I could not revive my old server, now I'm one computer short to run condor. I hope to be back online 2008.


In the tasks-section you can read about my running tasks. This part is planned to server a small competition, so it will grow within the next months.

history & download

There is a section about the task history of the phees condor server, and, since task saving is disabled on the server itself, it is possible to download those older tasks here, starting with Brenner v0.3.


The highscore list is updated et least every 5 minutes while the server is running. Please be patient if your result isn't shown directly after the race.

[ News ]

[2007 July 28]

maybe around new year's eve I will have a spare box again to run the condor server. Cross your fingers!

[2007 January 03]

i just installed patch 10 and the actual scenery files.
now i will fly and modify my good old tasks to fit them to the actual condor system :)

[2007 January 01]

Happy New Year to you all!

[2006 November 17]

I played around with my highfly task again, it's v1.5 now.
Have fun :)

[2006 September 29]

condor server is offline for the weekend. we are trying to get rid of the power outs.

[2006 September 20]

Due to some power failures the server crashed in the last days and had to be restarted manually. I'm sorry for that!

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