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Condorcondor soaring

Descriptions of my tasks, highscore listings and downloadable older tasks, to fly them offline and the status of my dedicated condor server.

Designwebdesign showcase

A brief overview of my webdesign related work.

VIPVGA Planets v3 Instant PHost package (VIP)

A full featured and easy to run software package for the commandline, offering backup and restore tools, automated game setup and plugin integration.

PTEphees tools environment (pte)

The PTE batch suite, complete with all needed commandline tools. Includes tools like safecopy, a backup utility, optimized to mirror directories and whole drives to removable drives with changing drive letters (external USB drives, USB flash memory etc.) and some more tools (pucc, pulc, peg) which you may fit to your own needs.

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[2007 November 11]

after some effort in css optimization finaly passes w3 css validation

[2007 July 28]

new section: webdesign

[2007 May 16]

major overhauling of content presentation has started, and is planned to progress continually till the end of 2007.

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