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[ webdesign ]

I've done quite some web-related work by the time and would like to present you some of the more sophisticated projects so far.
This is a new main section and will grow over the next three months, so, please, revisit.


artist's profile and portfolio page

The development is based on Timo Grubing's graphical concept. The site-layout was streamlined for gallery viewing.
Since the client is a designer, but not a webdesigner, the page was built with the intention to grant very easy administration implying virtually no codework.
This in mind it became strictly modular and quite a nice "self-adjusting" mini CMS. It is mainly controlled by it's graphics itself.


artist's profile and online gallery A page with rather complicated elements, based on the artist's originally design. Main purpose of the site was to provide a stable and easy to navigate gallery platform.

The original design of the site goes many years back now. The code bacame somewhat cluttered and the overall layout is definitely not up to date. Thus given, the site is scheduled for complete renewal in the beginning of 2008.

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